דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו
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מחבר:  shushu [ 03/05/18 22:48 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו


roon יצאו עם גרסה חדשה, אמור להתעדכן לכם אוטומטית, תומכת ב mqa עד כמה שאני מבין. יש עוד שיפורים, בהצלחה

נ.ב. סליחה, תומכת באנפולדינג הראשון של mqa.

מחבר:  שניצל [ 04/05/18 06:20 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו

נשמה !
תבוא לבדוק שעלה לי הגרסה .

מחבר:  shushu [ 04/05/18 06:55 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו

ברור כפרה, האמת אחלה גרסה.
בנוסף רואים על האלבומים של טידל מה האיכות, נניח cd, mqa וכו.
דרך אגב, לקבצים עד 96, הmqa נפתח עד הסוף (למי שזה מעניין אותו), פתאום ראיתי 96 על הדאק, לא הבנתי מה קורה.

מחבר:  שניצל [ 04/05/18 10:56 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו

תבוא דחוף

מחבר:  michael123 [ 05/05/18 09:22 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו

אולי יפסיקו הניתוקים?

מחבר:  Ami [ 21/05/18 15:45 ]
נושא ההודעה:  Re: דסק החדשות: חדשות אודיו

אודיו-פידליטי סוגרים ת׳בסטה. לא אבדן עצום מבחינתי, אבל מטריד:


Dear Music Lovers:

After much deliberation and much back and forth, I have decided to wind down Audio Fidelity.

It was a very, very difficult decision. It has been a great 17 year run with Audio Fidelity.

Looking back, we have been fortunate to work with so many great artists. These recording stars have trusted us with their music and have applauded the quality of our albums and CDs. I’m grateful to Cosby, Stills & Nash, Phil Collins, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel, Kate Bush, Sade, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, the Doors, Deep Purple, Yes, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, The Grateful Dead, Dio, Billy Joel, Santana, Rush, Alice Cooper, The Beach Boys and many, many, many more along with their managers and representatives.

Many of our original soundtracks such as Blade Runner, Tron were among our most successful releases. So many great titles, so much great music.

I want to give a special thanks for the support that our 24K Gold, Vinyl and Platinum Club Members have given us these many years. Your support, encouragement, suggestions have been very important to our success.

I look back with enormous pride to be able to work with Steve Hoffman (again) Kevin Gray (again) and Stephen Marsh. We were always on the same page with our goal to create the best sounding remasters. Our goal was to enhance the sound…never to change it. I am certain that the Audio Fidelity catalog will stand the test of time.

It’s time to move on. There are other passions and projects that have my interest.

We have made an arrangement with Bob Bantz of Elusive Disc to handle all current inventory. He will take care of all your CD, SACD and vinyl needs.

The Vault will remain open on the Audio Fidelity website for a short period of time. I’ve given our archives and collectible titles to two of our employees, who will keep the Vault and the collectibles available to you until they are sold out.

I want to thank you all of you for your suggestions and your support over the last 17 years. It’s been a nice ride and I’m glad that you were able to ride along with me.

Will the bug bite me again? I can never say never but for now I want to thank you for allowing us to have shared with you the music we love.


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